4 step program

Our 1st step features a pre-emergence application to take care of unwanted grass such as crabgrass and foxtail. For our 2nd step we have another pre-emergent with nitrogen. Recent years have had either heavy rain or a prolonged spring which increases the prime germination window for crabgrass and other unwanted weeds. The 3rd step consists of a low nitrogen formula usually containing more P and K. A low nitrogen formula will reduce chemical burn from hot summer temperatures. Lastly, we have a winterize formula to feed your lawn and get it ready for the cold months. 

Optional grub control

White grubs can be pesky creatures that essentially eat the roots out from under your grass. Having a few grubs is common and usually not harmful to lawns. An infestation can mean patches of dead grass that can be easily pulled away from the turf. Digging down a few inches should result in seeing a large amount of grubs in the area you dug.

Important information you should know.

Customers who have this service should note these tips:

  • Fertilizer will not activate until it is watered. It's best to water within a few days of an application.
  • Watering is especially important for grub control and any summer applications. Grub control can reduce effectiveness if allowed to sit without water for too long. Summer applications can result in nitrogen burn if not watered in to the turf.
  • Clean up is vital. We will clean off sidewalks and driveways to prevent tracking fertilizer into your home. Cleaning up also reduces run off of chemicals. Keeping them out of our sewers and on the lawn, where they belong. 

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