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Mission Statement

Gray and Grandpa Mowing was founded to provide, honest, reliable, friendly service for the people of Lincoln, NE. We have continued to do so for 30 years and look forward to growing with you.


Our Story

Gray and Grandpa Mowing was established by Jack Andersen on April 1st, 1985 alongside his eldest grandson Michael Gray with the addition of Matthew Gray on April 1st, 1989 and Mark Gray on April 1st, 1993. The Great Grandson of Jack Andersen, Nathanial Gray is the newest addition who joined the team on April 1st, 2009. 


Why choose Gray and Grandpa?

With Gray and Grandpa you can expect reliable, professional, and personalized service. Our 50 years of experience in lawn care will ensure satisfaction with any service we provide. We understand that each customers needs are different. Our wide range of services allows us to provide what you need when you need it. This means that one call can do it all!

Our most popular services


Weekly mowing with a variety of mowers including 30" walk behinds for small yards 36", 42", and 60" for bigger and more challenging lawns. Big enough for your business, and small enough to maintain your home as well. Trimming along fences, houses, and trees is included as well as cleaning off sidewalks and driveways. More information is available on the Mowing page.


4 step program including 2 pre-emergent applications to battle tough crabgrass from ever taking hold on your lawn through all of spring. A Low nitrogen, mid-late summer application is used to prevent nitrogen burn during the hot months. Lastly, a winterizing application is put down to prepare and feed your lawn during the cold winter months. An optional 5th application for grub control may also be added. More information available in the fertilizer page.


Aerating is the single most overlooked and cost effective way to benefit your turf grass. Best done is spring or fall, aerating benefits soil, grass, roots, and keeps promoting healthy behavior for months to come. Gray and Grandpa strongly recommends anyone who is over seeding to have those areas aerated beforehand. Seed germination rate can greatly increase simply from being aerated. More information is available in the aerating page.

Additional Services

Over Seeding

Best done in fall but can also be done in spring. Keeping soil around seeded grass moist is essential. Gray and Grandpa will strongly suggest aerating before over seeding as it has many benefits including higher germination rates. More information is available in the over seeding page.

Weed Control

Ideally done in spring/fall depending on the type of weed problems you are experiencing. Spraying can be delayed due to hot, windy, or rainy conditions for safety precautions as well as the effectiveness of the weed control. More information can be found in the weed spray page.


Clean up your sidewalks and available curb lines with a clean cut edging using hand and powered tools. Edging is best done when it is dry to prevent unnecessary mess. More information and price guides are available in the edging page.

Hedge Trimming

Although hedge trimming can be done almost any time for most plants, some will benefit much more from being trimmed at the right time. Specific details can vary widely depending on the type of plant(s) you have. More information can be found in the hedge trimming page.


Keep your gutters free of debris to avoid premature wear on your gutters and downspouts. Once in the spring and again in the fall is plenty for most homes. Areas with taller trees close to buildings may require being cleaned more often. More information is available in the gutters page.

Soil Testing

While some soil tests can be accurately conducted through simpler means, Gray and Grandpa will send any unsure soil tests in to the University of Nebraska for a complete test. Identifying the real problem can save time, money, and your lawn from ineffective remedies. Call for more details

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