Weed Spraying

When and Why~~~


Weed spraying is ideally done in spring/fall depending on the type of weed problems you are experiencing. Identifying the problem weeds you have is essential to begin a curative process. Specific weeds will benefit greatly from being controlled with proper timing. Spraying can be delayed due to hot, windy, or rainy conditions for safety precautions as well as the effectiveness of the weed control.

Formulas we use~~~


  • 2-4D (famous for killing dandelions)
  • Tenacity (a pre and post emergent used for a variety of target weeds. Known for being able to apply it on new grass seed.)
  • 4-way (a hard hitting multi-killer that works on a wide variety of weeds)
  • Triclopure (An alternative violet killer, as well as some other undesired weeds.)
  • Round-up (non-selective kill all formula. used on walkways and landscaped where no growth is desired.)



Price relies heavily on the amount of product used to receive desired results and size of area to be sprayed. Meaning a yard that requires more spray will increase the cost. Base pricing is normally about $50 and includes 1-2 gallons of spray depending on the required formula. 

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