Over seeding can be useful for filling in thin patches of grass and creating a thicker, fuller lawn. A thicker yard will reduce weeds, saving time and money. Also, if you keep having the same problem every year with little or no results, a new seed might be just what you need.  

Over seeding with cool season turf grass (fescues/blue grass) is best done in fall but can be done in the spring with more effort. Warm season turf grass (zoysia/buffalo grass) is best done in late spring around June.



Grass seed has come a long way. New grass has been engineered to resist common problems including drought and even diseases. Some grass is capable of repairing damaged roots of nearby grass, effectively keeping your grass fuller and thicker without doing any additional work.

Reasons for over seeding in the fall include:

  • Newly seeded cool season grass is better equipped to handle the winter than a harsh summer. 
  • Fall has more moisture than summer which reduces labor and increases the likelihood of success.



  • Aerating when over seeding improves the soil seed contact which is vital for germination, much more important than a starter fertilizer but fertilizer can be used as needed. 
  • Keeping the soil around seeded areas moist but not flooded is very important for seed germination. Bare spots are especially prone to drying out easily.

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