Edging Benifits

  • Gives your lawn a clean appearance while increasing curb appeal
  • Less expensive way to add value and enjoyment in your landscape 
  • Saves time with snow removal and trimming
  • Complements your landscape and house.
  • Helps keep sidewalks clear of debris

Edging prices

Prices for edging can vary greatly depending on how much sidewalk and driveway paths you have as well as the amount of built up dirt along pathways. A much better estimate can be given after viewing the work that needs to be done. Mowing and repeat customers may be able to get a more accurate quote sooner because we have been to the property. $40 minimum. Small to medium size houses not on a corner lot should be at or close to the $40 minimum. Includes edging sidewalks, driveways, curb lines  and clean-up afterwards.

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