Hedge trimming


Although hedge trimming can be done almost any time for most plants, some will benefit much more from being trimmed at the right time. With most shrubs, removing growth is best done during it's dormant season before new growth starts. In addition, early flowering shrubs should be allowed to bloom before removing growth and shrubs that bloom July or later should be pruned in fall or early spring.  Specific details can vary widely depending on the type of plant(s) you have. 


Hedge trimming is mostly done for appearance and to keep new growth from reaching too far out on evergreen hedges. Some other bushes and plants with bulky stalks would benefit more from a pruning or thinning of the old growth to promote new, healthy growth. Gray and Grandpa does not offer pruning at this time. 

Call with questions

Because each plant can vary greatly. Calling with plant type is helpful to plan a course of action. We can identify most plants easily if you are unsure of your plant type or name. 

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