Mowing Overview


How often and what is included...

Weekly mowing is recommended for nearly every lawn. Cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass can negatively affect your lawn and is hard on equipment used. The average lawn only needs an inch of water per week and irrigation cycles should be finished 2 days before scheduled mowings. Bi-weekly mowing only becomes available during extreme heat and dry times in lawns without irrigation. Weekly mowing service includes mowing, trimming(fences/houses/trees), and clean up afterward. Even tall yards will looked bagged with our premium mulching system.

Before we mow:

  • Watering should be done 48 hours before scheduled mowing. Most lawns need just an inch of water a week for desired growth. Too much water can cause unnecessary runoff and will enhance conditions for disease and stress. (watch for sprinkler heads that may not retract into the ground. Marking any problem heads with a flag or even a stick may prove helpful to yourself and our workers.)
  • Pet waste should be cleaned up. Some customers with large amounts of waste will be charged extra for waste removal. (Waste can get on mowers,  which makes handling them unsafe. Trimmers can fling waste around and get on undesired areas as well as our employees.) 
  • Toys, tools, and other lawn accessories can be tough to see in taller grass. Keeping the lawn free of these will save them from being accidentally damaged.

Important mowing guidelines


How high?

Our default height is 3.5 inches. Why? Well, simply put, the higher the better. Plants have 3 broad tissue types. Picture a tree. It has leaves, a trunk, and roots. Grass has similar qualities but the leaves are blades of grass: instead of a trunk, grass has what is called a crown, and roots are roots. When grass is mowed to low it can damage the crown of the grass much like cutting the trunk of a tree, causing dramatic damage. Grass which is mowed taller will have a larger boundary layer surrounding them, reducing evotranspiration which conserves soil moisture and keeps the turf cooler for longer periods of time. This is especially important during hot summer months. Taller grass also has a larger photosynthetic region which is the area responsible for feeding the plant using the suns energy, water, and carbon dioxide from the air. Height is best changed in spring to help grass grow in thicker and more evenly before the summer heat.


Mulching Vs. Bagging

Grass clippings are around 90% water and the remaining percent is plant nutrients such as NPK (fertilizer) which people pay to have applied to their lawn. If a lawn is bagged you are directly taking water and nutrients away from your lawn. Mulching is done because it is more efficient and mimics natural systems more closely. The return of the clippings sequesters carbon into the soil and when there is carbon it is like a magic bullet that improves the soils chemical, biological and physical properties. Such properties increase the vigor of the grass grown in the soil and reduce runoff, increasing the soil water holding capacity and promotes natural nutrient cycling from the soil microbes. So bagging Vs. mulch? Mulching wins, by a long shot.


Watering tips

Watering before we arrive to work can cause unwanted dips or ruts due to using equipment on wet soil. It can also directly effect the price of some services including mowing. An application of about 1 inch a week is plenty to keep a cool season turf grass(fescue and bluegrass) healthy throughout the season. Over irrigation of turf grass can be much worse than a lack of water. Recent tests prove that watering while the sun is high can actually make your grass warmer than before you watered. If you notice heat stress from lack of water it is best to increase your water application in the morning, before the sun gets too high. Avoid watering at night as it can promote the growth of mold and diseases. Calibrate your irrigation system using rain gauges or small plastic containers with perfectly vertical sides in every zone of your lawn. If we receive more than 0.5 inches of rain in a week your irrigation system does NOT need to be on.  All watering should be done 48 hours before any scheduled work on the lawn and turf.

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